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At IEA Sports, we are committed to helping athletes reach their full potential. We provide professional recruiting services and resources to athletes and their families in pursuit of their college and professional sports dreams.


Our services are tailored to each athlete’s individual goals and aspirations. We offer a variety of packages and services to suit the needs of each individual athlete. From college scouting and recruiting to career mentorship and guidance, IEA Sports has you covered.

Let us evaluate and help you build a solid recruiting plan.  Many factors go into being a college recruitable athlete.  Our experienced staff can show you what you need to do.

Our silver package will build your recruiting profile, set specific goals, and start you on your way to reaching your goals

Our Gold package, takes all of our services and puts them to work for you. Building your recruiting profile, social media presence, NIL and branding strategy are included in this package.

Our Social Media Evaluation service is designed to help you maximize your recruiting potential. We will review your social media presence, including posts, comments, and photos, to identify anything that could potentially influence your ability to be recruited. We will look at your social media profile and evaluate the potential for problematic posts or anything that would help or hinder your recruiting. With our Social Media Evaluation service, you can be sure you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to college recruiting.

NIL Strategic Planning provides a comprehensive service to help you develop and execute an effective NIL strategy. Our experienced staff can help you build a current NIL portfolio and provide marketing and management advice to ensure that you are making the most of your collegiate opportunities. We provide a tailored approach that takes into account your individual goals and needs.

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